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round and round

The ME said everyone died from "long gun" wounds. He did not say WHAT long gun. I am no gun expert, but I believe "ballistics" is able to tie bullets to a specific gun. Was the gun in the trunk the one the bullets came from?

And expert testimony and court rulings and labels on the drug are not proof for you? SSRIs have been shown to cause suicidal and homicidal behavior conclusively enough to convince doctors, judges, pharmaceutical companies and the FDA, but not you. Never mind that I used to do clinical research for Pharma and know first hand that they are deliberately AVOIDING cures and deliberately talking doctors into using their drugs off label to make PROFIT.

Last rebuttal, if folks insist on putting their head in the sand, I have no desire to offer to help them clear their eyes. Just watch your rear end, to most folks that head in the sand looks like "Assume the position" and you will take it in the rear from them over and over.

So, when they come to confiscate weapons, will you be defending the Sandy Hook story that made it happen?

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.