Comment: "Smarter" is a moot question,

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"Smarter" is a moot question,

"Smarter" is a moot question, this was all engineered and designed. Barring a few Senators and congressmen who actually stand up for a conservative platform there is only one party whether the people in it have a D or R beside their name. Republicans think they have to work with Democrats on whatever insane new piece of legislation they want...why? Afraid of being seen as an obstructionist? Thats what your constituents sent you there to do idiots! Stop the liberal agenda, or at the very least slow it down as much as possible. It seems to me lately that America is splitting in two idealogically. I think it would be better if it did in truth....divide into East and West America and let people move to someplace that fits them better. Let the socialiats spend themselves into oblivion, the only thing we would need to do then is prevent the establishment of a central bank and prevent an insane foreign policy.