Comment: RP Republican, like a flood.

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RP Republican, like a flood.

"we have many that want to end government, and some who actually want a NWO, and others who don't care about RP's message, but definitely want to profit off it."

That's key, intent, and making money isn't the only way to profit off of Ron Paul. When a persons motive is to destroy, "influencing people" becomes the political capital they want. (they need a mob) Adam Kokesh and many other Anarchists ARE attempting to profit off Ron Paul, but money has nothing to do with it.

Some aren't ready to understand the difference between Ron Paul and those who just want to "end Government". The Anarchists who fit that description are counting on Ron Paul Republicans to stand down if they just ridicule us, bullying people, thinking we can't defend the concept of government. After all, we're just statists and sheep right?

What they're doing is akin to trying to "profit" off the Mayan calendar; trying to peddle influence while people are in a state of panic, to use it, and weaponize hysteria for political gain.