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What laws have Libertarians accomplished?

I left the LP because we were getting nowhere. I was a member from 76 - 93 and the arguments I see here from self proclaimed Libertarians is the same ones I was screaming about nearly 40 years ago.

I became an Indy and worked with Nader, like Many Libertarians because Nader ran for open debates and ballots, and we needed that in the LP. And I was really getting angry how the LP kep nominating Republicans. WTF is that?

I did not want to join the GOP. I joined the GOP because it was clear to me from 07/08, if I wanted to work with the campaign, and I did, that was what I had to do. I was correct. Now I'm GOP, and what's so interesting are the new GOPers. When Ron Paul was touring CA giving speaches, some Libertarians seemed to wake up because suddendly they became Republicans and began comming to our meetings, and right now, we are ruling my committee, and from what I'm being told, this is happening in many places.

The LP here is dead. The GOP has RP GOP on board and now voting NO to the Neocon agenda and installing out own. I LOVE going to my meetings. I get off on it.. I know I'm crushing the GOP from the inside and restructuring it.. and I LOVE it.. it beats sign waves.. I'm hitting the GOP where it counts for me.. MSM can say and do what it wants.. Adam can continue to spew BS to the weakest, most frieghtened, cowards and haters among us, and it's not going to stop thiose of us who stepped up to the plate and are now swinging.

Enjoy Adam, but know.. he's FOS and we will beat him and his enemies (for him) since he chose a route where he's a rock star (DMT YouTube smoking idiot), not a political hero.