Comment: some problems with this

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some problems with this

Last I checked it's a volunteer army so enough with the 'Oh the poor troops' routine. As for Ron Paul's executive decision capability, it's his decision to re-deploy his assets to support Rand Paul and cut the losses. Adam and his crowd are the losses that are being cut. If Rand ends up president you might have to admit that Ron made a great executive decision in terms of achieving an objective. How much he could accomplish as president remains to be seen but would be considered part of Ron's legacy and a tribute to his 'executive ability'. Ron is still the messenger and might even run again but it looks like he wants to help his son as much as possible too. Rand is not a messenger, just a potential candidate who seems to be liberty friendly.

Also, to the fat bearded guy, the republican party is still the best battleground for this movement I think. Hanging around a third party or no party will just make you less relevant. How can you effectively protest, thwart, bring down the evil republican party if your whole strategy is to not show up or run away or only get involved with groups who already agree with you about everything and have no power whatsoever.