Comment: I agree and disagree

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I agree and disagree

I agree with your premise that we shouldn't force people to do what we think is best (via government or otherwise).

However, I vehemently disagree with your saying that we can't solve the world's problems. There are other ways and thinking that the government is even part of the solution is just closed minded thinking.

We can easily change things but we have to think about the problem from a different perspective. We have to look to ourselves to live by example and show how a life lived under genuine liberty and freedom will be the most prosperous one in every way. In other words, we do our own thing and do it right. We do this in complete avoidance of what the government wants or says.

When some government regulation gets in the way, we simply go around them. For example, if presented with a roadblock of being told we can't sell raw, natural food, we don't sell it. We simply make a device that allows each family to make their own. The result is the same; i.e. people get the good food and no one goes to jail for selling. When taxed by the government on some product, we make alternative products available (think home bio-diesel or solar) that sideskirt those taxes. Even when confronted with a treasonous monetary system, we have the choice to use our own system of lending, saving and transacting which avoids the pitfalls.

Each of our problems already has a free market, libertarian solution in existence RIGHT NOW. Bu as most here would expect, they just aren't getting any support or media. Many have been tossed around in these posts but many others are remaining under the radar due to their nature.

Our job is to foster those solutions to global fruition, giving people from all walks of life the equal opportunity to turn the fruits of their labor into lasting prosperity that's free from tyranny.

Sure, this won't be a quick and easy fix. Sure it will have bumps in the road. The difference is that it brings about change from the bottom up which cannot be shut down from the top. More importantly, however, it clearly shows how a people left alone by the government will steadily migrate toward more prosperity. What better message for liberty can there be?

Let's all try to imagine a world where each family works only the jobs their genuinely interested in and in doing so, quickly becomes as self sufficient as possible, debt free and with all their remaining fruits saved for their future.

For how I see our dilemma, this is the only problem we must tackle. It must be changed first because as to the Constitution being a problem (regardless of how you look at that issue), wouldn't it make sense that with a large and growing base of truly independent people, there would be much more accountability and much less corruption in our government?