Comment: He did not say WHAT long gun.

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He did not say WHAT long gun.

He did not say WHAT long gun.

--He did indeed say it was THE Bushmaster.

And expert testimony and court rulings and labels on the drug are not proof for you? SSRIs have been shown to cause suicidal and homicidal behavior conclusively enough to convince doctors, judges, pharmaceutical companies and the FDA, but not you.

Never mind that I used to do clinical research for Pharma and know first hand that they are deliberately AVOIDING cures and deliberately talking doctors into using their drugs off label to make PROFIT.

--I didn't say anything about SSRIs and adverse side effects. I just said there is no proof that there is a link in this case. no official/reliable source has come out with any indications of what meds he was on, if any. Further, the linkage with other cases, with other drugs is not clear at all. Last, most users of SSRIs do not exhibit this rare side effect - hard to prove it had anything to do with it. If a drug has the side effect of diarrhea, and you take the drug, after a trip to mexico, is your Diarrhia a side efffect, or because of your trip to Mexico ? I don't like the statement that a drug can make you do something anyway. it may give you hallucinations, may increase suicidal thoughts- but how you act on these thoughts is more complex. I'm not ready to give up my free will just yet.

So, when they come to confiscate weapons, will you be defending the Sandy Hook story that made it happen? - - If you act like some paranoid nutjob, they will confiscate you weapons. If someone really did instigate a mass murder of children because they want an excuse to confiscate weapons, then we are already truly F*cked, and it just doesn't matter anymore. Because our society having access to guns clearly did not defend our children against the government, and obviously they can kill lots of us whenever they want with impunity. - So if that's true, who cares if we have a locker full of assault rifles - you are theirs already.