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Comment: My concern with NOT making FP

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My concern with NOT making FP

My concern with NOT making FP a central concern is that it postpones the education of the masses about the treacherous and debilitating effects of our FP on our society (suicides and deaths in military, violations of human rights of innocents overseas) and on our budget.

The neocons and even some Democrats are willing to first cut SS, which has NOTHING to do with our budget shortfalls! The neocon strategy is to point to the reduced share of GDP that goes to "Defense," while conveniently ignoring the FACT that GDP is lower than it was in 1980 if we account for government spending!

Although I want a gradual privatization of SS (ONLY after the moral hazard is removed from Wall Street) and Medicare, I first want this bloated Pentagon budget cut. We must demand huge cuts in the Pentagon, and be able to make a convincing case why. At this point in time, the MIC has almost everyone convinced that marginal reductions in future increases in Pentagon spending would be disastrous.

A meek approach to FP by CFL will not change a thing, unless we are ok with massive cuts to social programs that some of us are and will be dependent on.