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Camp Power through Deception_OR_Camp Life Of Pi

Some believe it didn't happen, but support the "official" story. This goes for many other deceptions.

The powers that be would be in this camp...few others.

And frankly, I'm not so sure they are wrong. Sure they are lying and *we* don't like to be deceived...but we dance around the truth alot to and most of us outright lie...Santa Claus, things to make children behave, lies to get out of tickets, to keep the boss off your back, to keep competition at bay, to keep the spouse off your back, etc. We do these things because we think *white* lies work better than the truth in the long run. And they mostly do.

So the powers that be do the same to us.

I know it sucks to not be in the know...but we just aren't important enough to be trusted with big decisions. Company execs lie all the time to, ultimately, the benefit of the company...and if you are part of that company, it benefits you.

So the lies about 9/11, Sandy Hook etc. are likely coverups or distractions that actually minimize public damage and possibly benefit the masses.

Religion is the poster child of this strategy. As the Life of Pi points out (spoiler), people *prefer* the sugar-coating religious lies, because they just would rather not handle harsh truths about survival, suffering, sickness, helplessness, murder, need to kill, death, no afterlife, etc.