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Following up on positives

Consider reading this:

Personal Experience offered by me to anyone:

I went to Jury duty a few months ago. Both lawyers dismissed me. They both heard my answers to their questions and I spoke the truth.

I described the above Essay.

I said that we Jurors are here to accomplish the onerous task of avoiding abandonment of the victim, if we find a victim in this case, and at the same time we must avoid convicting an innocent person.

I told the truth, and I spoke morally, and accurately.

I was dismissed because there are plenty of people who they can find to lie for them.

Liberty is strictly voluntary, and fighting crime can be strictly voluntary, with few, and then fewer, exceptions to the rule. Confusing the two is a potentially fatal error - don't do it.

If you don't understand how government can be voluntary, it may be a good idea to begin finding out how government WAS voluntary.

There are examples, methods, not perfect, but working in the right direction.

Crime now pays very well, at your court house, in your town, city, county, State, Despotic Nation State, and most certainly exemplified in the World Court.

It get's worse going DOWN to the BOTTOM of crime, where crime has been made legal by people who call themselves "elite" and they are not "elite" so consider calling them what they are, exactly, and holding them to account, exactly for what they do, not what they say.