Comment: Well, liberty and free thought are certainly opposites

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Well, liberty and free thought are certainly opposites

So, yes, anyone who questions authority or thinks there could be people working against their interests in the world are definitely anathema to the liberty movement.
We require non thinking drones that we can feed information to and they'll accept it, like democrats and republicans have. Can you imagine the destruction to the principles of liberty if anyone in our movement stepped outside the boundaries of mainstream thought? Devastation. Personally, I still believe we'll find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and that drones are good if they're used against drug dealers. I like knowing someone in government is reading my e-mail and I'm happy to re-learn physics if the situation warrants. Bill, I'm just waiting for instructions from someone with more authority than me, and you seem like the guy to instruct. I promise to only do what you say to help liberty, have mercy.