Comment: Point by vicious point.

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Point by vicious point.

I take these things personally, as vicious attacks upon me.

I will try to not respond in kind.

"But everything our government does, it does with our approval."

I do not confuse my government, which is self-government, moral government, with crime made legal, so the sentence above appears to be working to convict me of that mistake made by that person. I have made no such mistake. Nothing a criminal does, with or without a badge, is done with my approval. Please avoid any future claim of guilt on my account in the future: it is not nice of you to do so.

"It would be impossible for the members of a representative republic form of government to do anything the people who put them there disapprove of (short of fraud, corruption or theft)."

Case in point: this "government" is not a representative republic, it is a Despotic Nation State, or Consolidated Government, those in power do not seek any advice from the victims that they victimize, and it is well past time to heed the warnings of our so called founding fathers, of which there were two main groups as:

Genuine Friends of Liberty (Patrick Henry for example)

Counterfeit versions (Alexander Hamilton for example)

"Yes, we ALL did our best to get a moral man in the presidency, but we failed."

That is patently absurd as many people, meticulously documented in writing, and in video posted into the public domain (world wide web), resorted to deceit, threats of violence, and violence as they succeeded in lending moral and material support to very evil criminals, themselves among that group, lesser powerful evil people, but none-the-less evil.

It may be a good idea to stop confusing all of us as being one thing - if anyone is still doing that in their own mind.

Consider being free of that falsehood - please.

"The candidate's own PARTY cheated him because his message of truth was too much for them to handle."

Again, that does not ring true, if I understand the ideas that may be working in the mind of the author. If Ron Paul felt a sense of ownership for his "own PARTY", then he may express that himself, and as to who cheated who, such discoveries of facts are possible, and then those individual people are held to account for what they did, and then "collective punishment" which is as cover word for "prejudice" which is a cover word for CRIME: when crime is understood to be an individuals thoughts and actions that result in the injury of an innocent victim, so, so, so, why play that game too?

Who benefits when someone plays the blame the THING game, so that the actual culprits are never held to account for what they do exactly?

"But in the end, every bullet, bomb and missile has every tax-paying American's name on it like or not."

The accounting here is all well documented, factually, and the account is denominated in Federal Reserve Notes, and the Federal Reserve System is a crime (made legal) in progress, so many of us who know this are trying to find a way out of this and we are victims of this FRAUD in progress, and all the bombs that go with it.

If that is not understood, then "we" can blame ourselves for being victims, which is a very good lie, if believed, because that lie renders the victims powerless.

Who benefits?

"I'm just content knowing for the moment, I have nothing for them to take."

A very good step toward Liberty, in my opinion, as the dollar denominated account of your POWER flowing to aid criminals with counterfeit authority lessens remarkably in your case.

Good work, thanks, and please continue helping everyone else who want's to move toward Liberty for your generous help in this Power Struggle in the way you are helping, which is an accurately measurable amount of help, since you are sending less of your POWER to the criminals, each fraudulent dollar less, than you had been sending before this move in the right direction.

Thanks. I have a similar story to tell, very similar.

"But moral contentment comes with it as well, knowing that for now at least, the next drone bombing of a wedding party in Pakistan WON'T have my name on it."

Excellent! Thanks again, I appreciate it, less Federal Reserve Notes that you earn, and use, are less bombs used by criminals as they use bombs (and lies) to maintain their POWER to use bombs and lies.

Federal Reserve Notes are lies, so why are people earning lies?

It makes no sense, but it keeps on keeping on, for reasons that become clearer, if you stay on this path.

"Merry Christmas and love to you all at the Daily Paul!"

Thanks again, and if we don't make the best of what we have, what is the point?