Comment: Yeah lets beat the GOP by

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Yeah lets beat the GOP by

Yeah lets beat the GOP by compromising away our principles and becoming it so we can go to endless meetings and play democracy in our republic and not offend anyone etc... Sigh!

Yea I did what you have done and we even have a majority in our central committee but guess what it hasn't accomplished a damn thing because all the committeemen are to busy compromising and trying not to upset the neocons so that they have accomplished nothing. Sounds like you have accomplsihed about the same; nothing!

I don't care how many goddamned meetings you have or what committees and boards you are on! Tell us WHAT HAVE YOU ACCOMPLISHED SPECIFICALLY and how does it help liberty nationally???

Adam is dead on here! Leaving out foreign policy is a huge chunk out of the liberty movement armor. What next sound money? Since most neocons think our financial meltdown in progress was caused by the myth of people buying homes they could not afford and has nothing to do with the whole banking scam... Sigh! Wouldn't want to offend them on that either so we can get on their committees and boards now would we... Amazing!

I guess some will not get it till they are living under a bridge or in a fema camp and then most will still not get it...

The democons have beat you all again by getting you to play their game keeping you distracted and while you spin your wheels and slap yourselves on the back for all the meetings you attend and boards and committees you sit on they continue to advance their agenda at break neck speed while you accomplish jackshit!...

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