Comment: I agree that sometimes people go too far

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I agree that sometimes people go too far

Sometimes really crazy theories are put out there and I think it would be better to wait and see how things pan out before broadcasting these really "out there" notions like fake bodies and holograms.

However, sometimes what some people consider to be "wild speculation" is actually well documented information, such as thermite residue at "ground zero." We know that false flag operations are real through govt. documentation. We know that the govt. wants to disarm us and take away our constitutional rights and that these events are always used to advance that agenda ("never let a tragedy go to waste") and there are always unusual circumstances and coverups related to these tragedies (OKC, 9/11, school shootings). We've been deceived and lied to so extensively by the MSM and federal govt. that I think the alternative perspectives are a healthy and necessary reaction, and some of the "wild speculation" isn't really all that wild.