Comment: If you're talking about preserving your wealth in REAL money...

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If you're talking about preserving your wealth in REAL money...

If you're talking about preserving a part of your wealth in portable, divisible, recognizable, REAL money, then yes, gold and silver are two safe ways to go, by simple, millenniums old, broadly shared wisdom.

Silver, below 30/oz is A TOTAL bargain currently, by the way ! It may go even a little lower (say, in the 28ish) but :

1. I doubt it could go much lower than that;

2. and anyway, once it retraces back up, the odds for it to become as "affordable" as right now again will likely drop very, VERY fast; though I could be wrong, sure.

I cross fingers to be able to stack a couple more hundreds of ounces of silver over 2013, and I'll consider ourselves lucky if we can stack more than just a hundred ounces over 2014, and after (assuming you're like me in the working "middle class" and neither a millionaire or a total dependent on the state)

Useful links :

DPers advice :

For prices awareness :

Some silverbugs (and a few goldbugs) I watch regularly (all on Youtube) :

Alexiscom1, BrotherJohnF, endlessmountain, FractalSigns, goldenticker, MrThriveAndSurvive, SilverCoinNews, silverfuturist, ytgv3fc7

'HTH !

Oh, and yes, dear wife is a prepper too; she took care and continues to (and train me) about the food items, portable burners, water filters, batteries, crankable flashlights/radios/chargers, electronics parts, etc. Of course.

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