Comment: "Ron had dropped out, get over yourself."

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"Ron had dropped out, get over yourself."

To legalizeliberty, and others to whom this may apply:

You state falsehoods, among other things. For this reason alone I have absolutely no respect for you. ZERO.

It is bad enough that an elderly gentlemans hip was dislocated, fingers broken, duly elected delegates stripped of credentials, delegates locked out of buildings, rnc at Tampa convention not having the courtesy to even acknowledge Ron Pauls name, changing rules midstream, msm ignoring Ron Paul, his message of Truth, Peace and Liberty, and us, etc. And you have the balls to make the comments that you do.

You have attempted to divide this site, this movement, to facilitate your agenda. I am glad that you do not reside in this Republic. You may be welcome on this forum, but I do not welcome you aboard.

PS: All your votes up mean NOTHING to me.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul