Comment: Regarding the "Gun in trunk video"

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Regarding the "Gun in trunk video"

I am fairly certain but not positive that the gun shown in the video is a shotgun, not a "Bushmaster" or any model of .223cal/5.56mm.

If so, this does not detract from the numerous curious inconsistencies regarding this event.

It is very important for Us to be our own toughest critics, in house, as we examine the available evidence. That is, we must carefully guard against having a general preconceived notion that this was definitely a staged/FF event causing us to view all evidence through a colored/slanted lens. Examine all the evidence w/ a completely unbiased/critical eye and let the evidence tell the true story no matter what that story may be. Let us set a standard of integrity far beyond the level of the GOV media.

P.S. It is possible that another gun was recovered before/after the video clip.

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