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Simple ...

... it's a false moral dilemma.

This is like when someone asks if you are a prisoner and a guard tells you to kill another prisoner or the guard will kill you, should you kill that (innocent) person? If you do, it is claimed to be immoral. If you don't it is claimed you don't care about your own survival, which is also immoral.

But it is a false dichotomy. Morality necessarily includes a FREE choice. Once force is entered into the picture, then it is no longer a question of morality. Kill the other prisoner or don't, it is not a MORAL question because it is not a FREE choice.

Same goes with supporting any government that is using force against you.

Starve the beast? Sure, do what you can and call it a day. But it is not a MORAL obligation (or even a moral issue) because force is being used against YOU.