Comment: symbol over SUBSTANCE

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symbol over SUBSTANCE

Whenever the pledge and flag worshippers start their mantra, I find myself reminded and in need of reminding folks that America is filled with folk sentimentally attached to symbols over substance again and again, and again ad- nauseum. You can find thousands easily who will cry foul passionately anytime someone degrades or burns the flag. But hardly even a whimper comes out of their mouths when The Constitution and or the Bill of Rights is degraded and nullified by our Federal Officers in Washington. I think it was intentional that this be so. The smoke and mirrors game continues to work to delude and deceive, sedate and seduce the populace, so they will pay no attention to matters of substance, and always be captivated by image-ry and symbolism. The Constitution is our written compact of our established Republic for the benefit of the several States and the peoples. I wish we had banners made with the Constitution printed on them, which I would fly above the stars & stripes on any day.

With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.