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maybe one of dr paul's biggest attribute's,,,,in my eyes anyways,,,,, was it was always about the idea,,,,, not about him

it seems people always cheered for the candidate

but ron paul it was cheering for the ideas
the on ly other in primary was maybe huntsman,,,, even though i differed with his views,,,seemed straight up, honest

granted we treated dr paul like a rock star,,,,, now 20 yearolds don't go crazy over some 80 year old man everyday,,,i don't drive 2 hours to stand in rain in philly for just any grandfather,,,, so what was it???
the ideas

i never understood the cheering crowds for romney,,, unless paid crowds,, or coerced to attend,,,, because how could you cheer a man who flip flopped every other day,,,, your cheeringat a rally,,,yet he may disagree with your views today if he thinks the polls may go up