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LM is grassroots

rEVOLution within the GOP is astroturf, we have joined the GOP, taken seats, and are using the tools within the GOP as our means to restore the republic.

My seat, loyalty oath, restricts me on some levels, but opens doors on others, like going to conventions, where I can meet up with Ron Paul Republicans who are seated like myself.. we already have a district,, so it's wonderful to be able to be able to be on the same page woth people.. we will be campaigning for Rand, we well be working together to change the CA GOP.

Many grassroots, Indy's or Libertarians, have an issue with those of us who defend, Ron, Rand, Benton, Tate..

I do not consider myself a unifier. Though I enjoy throwing great parties and have produced successful events, I think of people being on their own paths, and maybe our cross.. and maybe we even go along parallel paths for long periods of time .. but I can't get over knowing that each of us are indiviuals who will unite when we are ready. I was not ready for the GOP in 07/08. Now my only regret is not joining the GOP in 07. I acept that there are many here that are where I was in 07.. not ready for a GOP. So I don't push,, I do inform.. because the truth is, MY GOP, was NOTHING like I thought it was, and people should go see what their's is.

If mine was like yours, I'd be looking for support to knock that wall down.