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You act as if the Nazis were innocent

They weren't. At all. A lot got swept up by all the jingoism and genuinely thought they were doing the right thing (much like U.S. soldiers in the M.E.), but that doesn't exonerate them.

Not saying that "international Jewry", as you call it, isn't a piece of the puzzle, but let's not pretend that Hitler was some sort of hero. He was a monster who only cared about HIMSELF. When it became clear that he had lost the war, he wanted to destroy Germany itself! Luckily most of his subordinates disregarded such an insane order.

Yes, American media is largely controlled by Zionist Jews (except for Murdoch, who is a Zionist Christian), and yes Zionist Jews also controlled most of the German banks and media, but to hold Jews and/or Zionists responsible for the actions of the Nazis is irrational. They didn't make the Nazis lock up the disabled or the gypsies or the Slavs or all the other groups they targeted.

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