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Your stats are a little higher than the 1 million

I use to explain this to people but hey 1,2000,000 vs 1000,0000 still an astronomical number.

The report showed the number of deaths and associated costs for a number of medically induced, or iatrogenic, conditions. The results were as follows:

Hospital Adverse Drug Reactions - 106,000 deaths and costing $12 billion
Medical Errors - 98,000 deaths and costing $2 billion
Bedsores - 115,000 deaths and costing $55 billion
Infection - 88,000 deaths and costing $5 billion
Malnutrition - 108,000 deaths
Outpatient Adverse Drug Reactions - 199,000 deaths and costing $77 billion
Unnecessary Procedures - 37,136 deaths and costing $122 billion
Surgery-Related - 32,000 deaths and costing $9 billion

Using these, what the report terms "conservative" figures, the total number of iatrogenic deaths each year in the United States is 783,936 at a cost of $282 billion. This number of deaths exceeds the 2001 heart disease annual death rate of 699,697 and the annual cancer death rate of 553,251.

The report also notes that, "we could have an even higher death rate by using Dr. Lucein Leape's 1997 medical and drug error rate of 3 million. Multiplied by a fatality rate of 14% (that Leape used in 1994) we arrive at an annual death rate of 420,000 for drug errors and medical errors combined." Using these figures in place of the 106,000 deaths from ADRs and the 98,000 deaths from medical errors a new total of 999,936 deaths each year or nearly 1 million deaths can be ascribed to iatrogenic conditions.

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