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Comment: So would you rather all this

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So would you rather all this

So would you rather all this perfectly edible food be wasted and thrown away, raising the prices of all food so that you can be smug and feel good about not allowing people to make decisions that you may not agree with?

I personally applaud companies that reduce waste and lower prices. Is McDonalds good for you if you eat it all the time and over a long period of time? No. But for someone who is poor, can't afford better food, and/or is in a rush, it's a great option.

What would Ron Paul say about people who want to ban everything that isn't 'safe' according to you? What gives you the authority to bar anyone else from eating it? Or if you don't support banning it then why not attack the people that artificially raise the price of meat, i.e. the Feds?