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I don't think anyone who

I don't think anyone who agrees with deporting him is saying that he should lose his right to free speech. That's a human right that can never be taken. Our government must survive for the purpose that we created it, to preserve our human rights. As long as it continues to do so, it has a sovereign authority to act upon the immigration laws we delegated to Congress in the Constitution. As part of preserving our human rights, our government must remove any foreign person who tries to remove our human rights. It is why we entrusted our government with the delegated authority to establish laws of immigration and naturalization.

He can still speak freely from just outside of the port-of-entry, he can even protest from outside the fence, he can even bring a case to be heard by our courts, he can still produce content for the media, he can pray he gets let back in, etc. So, no, nobody is taking those rights away from him. We're just rolling up the welcome mat.