Comment: Merry *Peaceful* Christmas to M&S Nystrom, all the

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Merry *Peaceful* Christmas to M&S Nystrom, all the

talented hard-working staff and DailyPaul posters & readers! It is such a delight to know that there are so many of us, who are inspired by RonPaul - his ideas & principled way of life. The exquisite mixture of the serious, the trivial and the comical threads here is just what makes me want to come back. . . to get informed & energized. Thank you, ALL!

Looking forward to more of Michael's contemplative essays, BMD's animations (we really WANT to chip-in to get him the software that would make it easier & faster for him to create more of those clever originals) & additions to Joη's pages for 2013 & beyond!