Comment: Well glad you put it in plain english

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Well glad you put it in plain english

I would even go as far to say we need to earn as little as we need and work tword needing no FRN's. The new American dream to live a sumwhat moral life.

In my good name these so called governemnts and their employees have commited many many acts of immorality. I reject them.

Jesus commited one act of violence, the money changers he threw their tables over.

Jesus faced with the temptation/offer from Saten for one act of immoral submission but Jesus did not offer to submit to that nor did he use violence. His example was enlightened disengagement get behind me Satan. He turned his back upon the immoral offer.

We also need to turn our backs upon the immoral offer of extorted theft submission called tax.
We agree on your above points. But the argument that give unto Cesar what is Cesar to justify submission to immoral extorted theft we can never agree, no matter what book you may read from.