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Comment: First my problem is not what the GOv is doing w the money

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First my problem is not what the GOv is doing w the money

they extort from me and call tax. I have a problem with the fact that they think they can force me into immoral submission.
I would tell the theives to leave not the honest man who doesnt want to be stolen from. You spout the propaganda word for word, brainwashed. The government does not collect tax, the Rothschild owners of the Private Federal Reserve Bank demand collection to service the National debt that they created out of think air digitized at no cost and compounding. You need to do some studying cause your about twenty years behind with that line.

I will be glad to leave if you could direct me to an area of the earth that the Rothschild central bank gangsters have not debt slaved with false national debts and immoral extorted theft called tax collection.

Tax is not about money, money is digitized in unlimited quanities of compounding debt. Its about using false debt to justify a control system forcing humans to immoral submission on a hourly daily basis. A programing tool to force obedience.