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I think the difference with

I think the difference with all those things is consent.

When you get into a car, you are consenting to the possibility of an accident. When you get treatment in a hospital, you are consenting to the possibility of malpractice. When you smoke, it is 99.999% likely that you know smoking is bad for you; you are consenting to smoking.

Moreover, all those areas are heavily regulated. Healthcare has been regulated so that doctors have to take responsibility for their malpractice. Tobacco has been regulated to be clearly labeled; many states and local governments have banned it in certain areas, etc. Driving his heavily regulated. Cars have to pass safety standards, safety testing; there are speed limits and an army of cops on the road to enforce the many number of driving laws.

Arms regulation is not nearly that high. Moreover, when you walk into a school and kill 28 people, those people have not consented to it. You are the aggressor.

Let me end with this final there anyone out there, even Ron Paul, or Rothbard, or Thomas Woods, who is against all arms regulations? Should citizens be allowed to have nuclear weapons? RPGs? Bazookas? Biochemical weapons?

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