Comment: Yep. That would save me a lot of work.

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Yep. That would save me a lot of work.

I've spent the last couple hours trying to transcribe the police scanner audio. Lots of it is hard to make out, but they picked up somebody, smoething about 4th marijuana, and I think Virginia Tech. (How's that for coinky-dink?)
Here is the feed I am using. I'm at 9:45:30 on my second pass through. The double spaced notes are from my first pass, and I did not get to the end. It will take me all day, I expect. If anyone is so inclined, please check my work, fill in gaps.

OK go on 67
67 Sandy Hook school caller indicates she thinks there is someone shooting in the building
OK we're in route...
The .. in front of Sandy Hook school. The front glass has been broken we're unsure why
All units, the individual I have on the phone reports he is continuing to hear what he believes to be gunfire
95 ...other unit ...point in driveway
copy, copy 1
Units responding to Sandy Hook school at this time, the shooting appears to have stopped - the school is in lockdown
roger that we'll stage out here in the front and we'll go from there
.... a teacher saw TWO SHADOWS running past the building, past the gym which would be the rear ....... shooting
Yeah, we got THEM THEY're coming at me down (Farris) Way
Give me an address
They're coming up the driveway west side
..6 this is...
25 ..
you are requested... stage
I will need 2 ambulances at this time
triple a personnel take exit ten (all units) turn left on 34 (garble over top) continue on Riverside road, Dickerson Dr Make sure you have your vests on
acknowledged. We don't have any visual tools on station
roger that hold on
.... proned out
((337) All units be aware that we could have a second ...(garble)
en route
14 en rt
690 en rt
combination one charlie juliet echo 4, 1 c e j 4...
garble (responding)
were in the front of the....(garble) the rooms
be advised seven two echo October...male subject.... school
...directions again please...
All cars, exit ten take a left on route 34 continue on Riverside road and then turn right onto dickerson drive
I have Newtown on the line yet, sir...
Get Newtown on the line so we're coordinating with them they may jsut want us to establish a perimeter or whatever
roger that
just received a call we have one down in room one who recieved a gunshot wound to the foot....extent of injuries.... I advised for ambulance...
room one.... alert
...thank you
...confim ... school the party in custody.. the fourth marijuana ,,, Virginia Tech
true value
route 34 is at exit 11
garble (take a left on 6th continue on Riverside Road) (beep beep beep) (east of the school)
roger...east portion of the school... approach
...check the inside (garble)
.... duty at this time (west bound ...ramp) (house behind it is where he's got to go) (line, here
standby, we're doing (that now? the house?)

The units in the ... I've got bodies here - get ambulances

driveway - firearms

can anybody handle...

moving to the rear of the Sandy Hook fire dept

likely need a second medic

need a location

at station

we've got one suspect down

we have a suspect down

(electronic garbling begins)

where am I going, I've got Dickenson Dr....


Asking where the actual call is

Sandy Hook Fire Dept.

long silence

Be advised, we could have multiple weapons including one rifle and shotgun. (sounds winded)

Long silence

A2? is proceeding to scene at request of police department

"Go ahead

At this point all we know is its high

Stand by, units at the front of the school conducting an interior search at this time.

... the life of Adam

unit proceeding to the scene

which one of the EMS units A2 or A3 is proceeding to that scene

A2, A3 wants to know

he has not requested your arrival at that scene yet

ask the custodian, we need a way to the roof and a key to the roof

92 is working on it

We need busses here ASAP call Danbury if you have to

down the hall.....

we just had a (...?) brought to us in a police car

what is the number of ambulances you will require

They don't know they are not giving us a number

(Fire / rescue dispatched to school) Medical emergencies

92.... (we're on the roof?) checking that area

would you contact auxiliary fire house so we can put people in there

we're going to return....we have one... back door

A2 is transporting one person to Danbury hospital

one in vehicle (not? now?) secured

contact the commanding officer at that scene just to make sure the area you are going into has been cleared.

OK who's the commanding officer on the scene here

Sgt "Calderon?" would be the commanding officer.

OK, you want to let him know we are here and I'll get our people together with our medical bags and 401 will have.... here .... for fire

(electronic garble - then faint, short almost inaudible, unintelligible, but there
Then more garble, then longer unintelligible, barely audible transmission.)

67 I copy

58 is that unit ... in the back

And there is someone behind the dumpster with you?

2 parents

keep parents in safe location

...rescue truck


be advised all units roof is clear


he'll be in the janitor's closet, locked, ...with the the roof

I have multiple amublance personnel inbound can we create that staging area and command area in the ..... area

negative Newtown any ambulances coming in have to stage at sandy hook fire house and we'll call them up

Newtown 102 at sandy


113 stage in rear parking

401 staging area

ffire house (code?) the message



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