Comment: here is a "news flash" i considered...

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here is a "news flash" i considered...

chris rodia is dead...(where is he?) if your car or my car where "found at the scene" at a horrific event you or I would be RIGHT UP FRONT trying to explain

where is chris rodia? probably dead (or, soon will be)

his car was used by ignorant "authorities" who "set up" this fiasco and were then too stupid to understand they had to remove the "old" license plate to "cover" their story

another twist...the "girl" who accompanied chris rodia to steal copper wire thought she was going to walgreens, see here,

this is as it was originally explained by her relatives as to where they were supposed to be going earlier on the day of the robbery...she seems to have some stand up relations who started defending her, initially...i hope they come forward again and shed light on rodia and his wherabouts right now...if alive

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