Comment: I prepared to go 'Galt' in 2008

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I prepared to go 'Galt' in 2008

when i learned about the crimes.
I suffered from it because my mortgage went from 5% to 8% (i had 10 year fixed and april 2009 was the time for the new rate, as worldwide rates where lowered to stimulate the economy. The bank i had the mortgage with went bankrupt, was taken over by the government when they raised the rate. I could pay it but i refused. Stuff it i literaly said.
Some time later they (police) confiscated my car during one of those roadside 'raids'. To check for that the car was certified (every year need to do a checkup). It was, but a roadtax bill 4 years old, send to the wrong address caused by a hiccup of their 'linked' databases. I had to pay on the spot, it was like Judge Dredd, everything was already done, no court nothing. Had to pay on the spot. I stood on the street with my wife and two young kids on some deserted place far away from any transport, in the rain to make it even worse. Still getting my blood boiled when i think of it.

At that time i realized i lived in a police state. After that i left the country. Starving it of a good amount of tax.
I hope they go completely bankrupt and collapse. I see no other way of cleansing that system.

BTW The country i left was the Netherlands. Know as the country of tolerance. Well if you are not seeking asylum, or are have a job, or are not gay or anything else that is a small minority it is devoid of tolerance.

I now live in Thailand, make two times more money then before, can save for the future. Should have done it 10 years sooner, but i guess i was to busy with being a sheep.

I felt obligated to starve the beast, but even more so to secure my families future.