Comment: Rodia thing is probably not true

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Rodia thing is probably not true

I finally listened to the actual police dispatch recording. You can look it up on YouTube, around the 25:00 - 40:00 mark, but you have to dissect what is going on because there are multiple things going on at the same time.

It appears that Rodia was being pulled over for a traffic stop in a different car, that just so happens to be at the same time the incident at the school was going on.

People heard the license plate of the car at the school being called in to dispatch, and then they thought they heard the dispatcher calling back that it was Rodia's car.

BUT ...

If you listen closely, it appears that it was actually another cop in a traffic stop calling in a different plate, pausing for a few minutes (maybe due to other cops on the radio regarding the school), and then saying the Rodia name TO the dispatcher (not the dispatcher saying it).

If I got that right, then the car at the school does not appear to be related to Rodia.