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Comment: AJ could pull it off with the resources and people he has

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AJ could pull it off with the resources and people he has

But then again so could we.
Could turn that town upside down $1000.00
(individual travel expenses not included)

But we'll just banter about it and the funny thing is this would be so easy to do with a little funding it's pathetic.

As we can see the police there are corrupt so you have to be very careful that mum is the word and you do not let on what you are going to do.You have to be in a group where there are people with you that cannot be connected to observe a secretly video record everything.

First thing is the next City Council meeting date needs to be found out.

Take contradictory news report footage that shows all the other people involved and police scanner audio. No outlandish theory's just what the media has released and is not talking about and recordings of police scanners which is legal.

Burn the DVDs say 300-500. Cost will be anywhere from .35 to a 1.00 depending on how professional you want it too look. I'd spend the $$$ and make it look really nice maybe with a little montage of the main teacher and a few of the kids to really suck them in. What you want to create is an outraged populace. Make sure there is a way to either contact the creators of the DVD or set up a website for them to gather for planning further action.

Name the DVD Healing Sandy Hook A New Perspective
Pass it out to everyone in the audience and give a copy to each City Council member.
Have one person in the group go to the microphone and turn to the audience/public announce that it is very important that everyone in the community watch the video in order for healing to take place then turn and tell the City Council that they are now on notice and it is their job to see that it happens.

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