Comment: 'Do what you have to do. I am at our 100 Year party now!' - PTB

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'Do what you have to do. I am at our 100 Year party now!' - PTB

Printer-That-Be: Am I delivering coal - or - "legal tender?"

I am above your law. Do what you have to do. I will leave you to the details. Your line-of-credit is waiting. Have Turbo Timmy G sign as my Federal Reserve witness. You get your agent, Rosie Rios, US Treasurer to sign. She is busy giving away paper-money now. She is your agent (Cash prizes!). She honors your commitment to pay the tab you are running. Mrs Rios has run it over over $16 trillion. I don't care what you make it. Give yourself plenty of running room. $20 trillion? $30 trillion? I is up to you.

What? ... What is that you say? ... Can't afford it? ... Nonsense. We at the Fed are still celebrating our 100 year anniversary. What makes you think you will not be approved for your extension? Your centennial line-of-credit? Golden anniversary? Don't be silly. Stop that rubbish about gold. ... Get down to the business of paying me in your blood, sweat & tears. [Click.]

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