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Thinking out loud here ...

Do you think people have fundamental rights, that existed before government existed?

Do you think people have the fundamental rights of life, liberty, and property?

Do you think that if Person A violates the fundamental rights of Person B, that Person A loses (at least temporarily) his right to liberty?

Do you think that people have the right to free speech?

Do you think that people have the right to own firearms?

If Person A attempts to forcible stop Person B from owning firearms, does Person A give up some of his rights when he violates the rights of Person B?

And if Person A does not respect Person B's rights, why should Person B respect Person A's rights?

Like you, I have problem with deporting someone for their free speech. On the other hand, we have to do something REAL to people who are forcibily destroying -- or engaging in a conspiracy to forcibly destroy -- a large group of people's rights.

The big question is: What do we do to people who deny the rights of others, and what (if anything) do we do to people who engage in a conspiracy to deny the rights of others?

Just thinking out loud ...