Comment: The answer is: We don't know.

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The answer is: We don't know.

Until we have real investigations and full disclosure by government, we cannot arrive at valid conclusions, other than the government is hiding something.

If we knew for sure that the gov't lied about bin Laden's death, how would that change public perception? What would it mean for NDAA, etc.?

Something that sticks out to me is JFK. Today, probably 99% of the population thinks the official government story is lone gunman. Most people might not buy it, but most people think that is the government's official position.

But, it's not.

The last investigation done by the US gov't regarding JFK was done by Congress in the late 1970's. Their findings basically said that the Warren Commission got it wrong, that at least 4 shots were fired, at least one was most likely from the grassy knoll, and it was probably a conspiracy.

Now, that is the GOVERNMENT'S LAST OFFICIAL INVESTIGATION, and therefore their current official position.

And yet, all we ever hear in the media is lone gunman.

Until we get an honest government and an honest media, we cannot arrive at any solid conclusions about these shootings, other than that we have a corrupt government and media that hides the truth.