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I understand your

I understand your frustration, believe me I do. I tried to watch Good Morning America this morning while waiting to take my Mom to the doctor for an early appointment and I had to turn it off after about 10 minutes. The solution here is to inform others of their choices, and try and influence them away from these kinds of propaganda machines so they can find information for themselves.

Even if he got deported, there are many people who would follow an Online show he posts on an independent website much like we do with Infowars and RT(or whatever else you may watch). Remember how we treat this, just because they don't allow us a streamlined medium doesn't mean we won't find a way to obtain that information.

People who have similar beliefs to Piers Morgan will do exactly the same thing.

The Road to Prosperity begins with seeking wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of the world around you. Peace can not be attained by those who close their minds to the people around them and their choices in living.