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Comment: You can't have a rational discussion about any topic with people

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You can't have a rational discussion about any topic with people

who think that voting and lobbying beget individualism -- it is logically and mathematically impossible outcome.

I'm talking about "ballot box voting"

Voting is an abdication of Consumer-Rule

Lobbying is bribery (the purchase of said politicians future voting trends)

Voting is a non-free-market good.

A free-market is consumer-sovereignty (according to Mises)

You cannot have both consumer-sovereignty AND abdication of consumer-sovereignty -- You either rule as a consumer or you are ruled-over.

THEREFORE -- It does not matter what Piers Morgan or the NRA says -- they are both wrong because their solution is to run back to gov't force.

Gun Owners want Gov't to "protect their rights" -- Libs want to protect their rights to kill-unborn -- Repubs and Dems love to kill Brown people and don't stand in their wary (it's their "right").


In a free-market there is only ONE "right" -- You have the right to protect yourself, if un-able your family or friends can "chose" to protect you, or you have the right to die (quickly or slowly).

The "right" to self-defense in all it's possible iterations.

Also -- Only you defend your "right" to self-defense in a free-society; there's no group who judges or certifies.

In a free-society the only time your one-right is threatened is when your about to be shot, stabbed, bludgeoned, set ablaze, blown up, hung, drawn and quartered, put on the rack -- etc etc.

If you make one right after this one you begin perpetual voting, perpetual side-taking, and thus perpetual war.