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The Constitution was not

The Constitution was not written to protect foreigners on American soil. It was written for American citizens. Do you all really think that our Founders allowed the Brits to keep their guns and to spew their rhetoric during the Revolutionary war because it was their right? No. They threw them out of the country and confiscated their weapons. LOL That Bill of Rights was to protect us, the citizens, not foreigners. It was to ensure that foreigners did not have the influence over our country and that we governed ourselves in the manner we saw fit. If we'd allowed the British to have their "rights" to their guns and their speech back then, we'd still be fighting them today.

We have every right to ask any foreigner to leave for speaking out against the rule of law here in our country. They do not have a right to try to undermine our laws and suggest our Govt disregard our Bill of Rights and to try to incite others to feel the same way. That's called sedition and its a serious charge that merits at minimum deportation, and at most, prison.

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