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No quotes this time - oddly

I often use quotes - as a rule.

There are exceptions.

Banks, guns, governments, pointed sticks, are often blamed for bad things happening, and then the actual criminals get away, do it again, banks are blamed again, or sticks, stones, whatever works to misdirect defensive power.

That was my point. I did not desire any misdirection away from the method of Fraud chosen by the most powerful criminals who invent, produce, and maintain Central Bank/Business Cycle crimes that combine the powers of deceit, threats of violence, and violence used to enforce the fraud and extortion and all that goes with it, to keep the Central Bank Fraud Powerful.

I have a reason for calling criminals criminals, not banks.

I like the cookie illustration, a powerful thing, making things scarce that need not be so scarce, such as "how to make your own affordable cookies, and sell an abundant supply to those who have none" or other such wild ideas that may escape the notice of too many people.

I prefer to use the Drug dealer illustration at the local high school. The lie is first invented, then sold, then used on the victims.

This is free, have some, you will be thanking me for eternity for this gift from generous me, to you, because I'm nice, and because I care so much about you.

Heroin works best - I hear.

Dumping has many uses, including the creation of a market that may not yet exist.

Then, creating that demand, is followed up by a restriction in the flow of the supply to the ready victims, who are now very well set-up as victims.

Now they will do anything, pay any price, to get supplied by the ONE supplier.

What happens if a second supplier begins to farm the High School?

Crush the competitor
Incorporate the competitor into the Monopoly
Quality is force up, and costs are forced down as the consumers pick the higher quality and lower cost product offered by the winner of the Free Market competition.

3 is not an option, since a free market does not mean free from moral conscience.

I enjoyed your writing so much that I do not feel as if my viewpoint is being crushed under the weight of lies, so this is a quick volley back into your court.