Comment: I'm in Camp Still Learning

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I'm in Camp Still Learning

But I will say that the skepticism exhibited here at the DP seems out of proportion to the quirks of the news reporting.

Perhaps there was a second shooter, a planted rifle, an extra gunman, or whatever. But, from what I've seen, the evidence is too tenuous to warrant the certainty some people are displaying here about what they take for "fact."

Analyzing video of the deceased children's parents, striving to find evidence of total insincerity and fraud, seems wholly unjustified. There is NO evidence for the whole thing being a stage play, so the fact that so many people of here have jumped on the "no children died" bandwagon indicates a hardcore cult mentality at work.

That being said, I think crying out for pictures of the corpses is also lunatic.

I'm what you'd call a 9-11 Truther, but you didn't see me scoffing at video clips of people in mourning after that day, declaring that there aren't enough tears to convince me that anyone really died. To do so would have been;

1) lacking compassion
2) lacking a sense of probability
3) motivated by an excessive desire to pride myself on finding "the Truth" (where Truth loosely translates as "the opposite of whatever the media says.")

But that's what people are doing here, about Sandy Hook.