Comment: Did I say that out loud?

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Did I say that out loud?

lol! I did not think I had said that, but I have wondered.
I am wanting to try to pin down the time line, if the man who was on live TV saying "They've got him in the police car right there" about the guy they led from the woods, and the intrepid reporter did not even try to get a shot of the person in custody... If they are covering for Rodia, then that may be why no attempt was made to show another suspect. They definitely call him a "suspect."
I'm worn out, probably won't get back to it until tomorrow, but transcribing is revealing some subtle inconsistencies. The original call was from a "he" at first, and then a few minutes later it was a "she." The long guns and rifles are the first weapons specficially mentioned. How did the hand guns get so famous?
I did finally see them say Adam used a handgun on himself, so at least they aren't going "there." I also saw them say he shot himself as the police charged him. Maybe I'm not there yet in the scanner, but so far, no "charge" and I think the last round of shots have been fired. I dunno. I'll get back after it, maybe not tomorrow.
Thanks for the help.

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