Comment: Natural rights?

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Natural rights?

I'll probably get some heat for this comment, but the idea of natural rights is ridiculous. We arent endowed with inalienable rights by our creator. Thats total bullshit. If these rights are so inalienable, how is it that the government manages to take them away? Why is it that we have to fight to achieve and preserve them? What an ass of a creator we have if we have one. If i were creator I would actually make these rights inalienable, not play some cruel joke and make all of my people work themselves to death fighting for these rights that theyre never going to actually get before they die. I realize my attitude makes me come off as an ass, but it really is irritating. Our rights arent natural or inalienable, and theres no creator that's going to make everything okay. Believing in any of that only gives us less reason to fight for our rights. When you realize that it is you that creates, asserts, and maintains your own rights, you realize that if you dont, youre f""ked. No government, no god, no creator, no mother nature, no real or imaginary authority figure is going to keep these rights for you. Its up to you and whatever loved ones you make along the way.