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Why not. Please understand I don't judge

Why not. Please understand I don't judge (and even less, blame) people who had enough here, and want to leave.

Who would I be to judge anyone on that, anyway ? After all, haven't I decided to leave my own country of origin for the U.S. - this one of its kind country that I considered a better place - read : with a better potential for the Liberty **I**, with my family need - better than anywhere else precisely THANKS TO the nature of its foundations ? It being under sustained DEMOLITION doesn't remove anything from its intrinsic civilization value, in my point of view.

So, I was just stating my opinion that when Mr. Rogers says "should", it is, IMO, too strong and I beg to propose the option to stay and stand fighting on, for what we still believe is UNIQUE and BELONGS to HERE and ought to be restored.

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