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Actually I'm pretty sure they

Actually I'm pretty sure they were defending their freedoms. It's a much bigger difference in context when you realize that someone wished to take them from them. They didn't do it out of paranoia that that someone has disagreed with their want for liberty. They did it because there was armed conflict against them and their beliefs.

I don't believe Piers Morgan or any of his affiliates have directly fired upon us causing us to act in turn. He simply spoke out against something he disagreed with. If you're attaching the "soapbox", the "corporations behind him", or any other factor you're looking too far into it. We can't assume that he spoke these things because he was paid to.

In fact it seemed like he was genuinely furious at people like us for believing what we do. Just like we're furious with him for believing what he does.

The Road to Prosperity begins with seeking wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of the world around you. Peace can not be attained by those who close their minds to the people around them and their choices in living.