Comment: A New Way of Focusing this 'Debate'

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A New Way of Focusing this 'Debate'

A calm, matter of fact case needs to be made each and every time in some form or fashion, as I see it:

First, America is governed via a Constitution which has a Bill of Rights enumerating a few of countless fundamental natural-rights. One of most important of those fundamental-rights is the right to keep and bear arms, uninfringed.

Secondly, you can be emotional all you want, you can allow yourself to be manipulated into a frenzy of fear, loathing or anger directed towards disarmament by the government in its relentless aims to disarm the people.

That said, you must realize that there are millions of individuals, living quietly, in peace, wanting to be left alone to live their lives and who hold dear to the Constitution. Even more importantly, these people hold to the fundamental liberties that all free-men enjoy.

We happen to be discussing the fundamental right to keep and bear arms.

Next, these millions of people will absolutely NOT allow themselves to be disarmed, despite your desires, fears, advocacy, or the actions of government which are contrary to the principles of individual liberty and to the text of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Amendment II was enumerated to absolutely provide 'the people' with the means to defend against tyranny. That means individual people, not government or state military or police, ma'am. Yes, ma'am, that means that we the people must have the means to defend, with force of arms, against tyranny in government and/or to throw off such government and institute new government.

It is that simple.

Next point:

It seems as if what you and those like you are advocating, is the exact scenario that Amendment II was enumerated to provide the means to prevent and to defend from. You are forcing it to become a reality.

It is that simple.

So, ma'am, if what you are asking for comes to pass, how many American men, women and children do you desire to see slaughtered in pursuit of your desires? Tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions?

On top of that, it is very important for you to realize that these same good, decent, peaceful people who will refuse to be disarmed, will not quietly sit and await the agents of government to come and kill them or strip them of their only means to defend against tyranny.

These good Americans who understand and value liberty and who grasp the dirt-simple concept and intent of 'Liberties Teeth', well, they will shoot back and actually go on the offensive in defense of those liberties and our way of life, if that scenario is forced on them.

So, ma'am, how many police, military, government apparatchiks and others are you willing to see killed, on top of the numbers of slaughtered 'evil' radical people who simply refuse to be disarmed?

Well, how many dead Americans are acceptable to you in pursuit of your goals?