Comment: Dude, really?

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Dude, really?

You really need to know WHEN to exercise your rights and WHEN to use tact to make a situation flow more smoothly. Sure, you had the right to remain silent, but if you couldn't even say "No, I have no idea sir why u pulled me over?" or "was I going to fast" or even merry fucking Christmas then you come off as a dick.

I promise had you just remained calm, and just held a normal conversation with the man, you'd be out of a ticket.

There are some descent cops out there, but if you start out your encounter by pissing them off and "Exercising your rights" cause yer a bad ass, then well, you're going to get dicked around for being the dick that you are.

The only way they are going to let you go is if you TALK to them, and ease their fears. Never consent to a search, but don't be an asshole either.

I have had my run-ins with the police, and in my experience its always the ones that you show RESPECT to that tend to give you a break.

You deserve every cent of that ticket, and I hope it really puts you in a hole. I hope when you make that payment you realize that by just being a little bit nicer you could have avoided the entire thing.

Your lucky the cop didn't pull the gestapo act on you and LOOKING for other things to charge you with, or just violated your rights all together cause he was in a shitty mood and you were being an asshole.