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Speeding is not a crime that

Speeding is not a crime that a libertarian recognizes. There is no victim unless he hits somebody, but even then it is a civil matter. Public safety laws are creations of the nanny state.

This was a chance to educate the officer and it is sad that this opportunity was missed. What if you planted a seed in his mind instead that made him eventually realize that speeding laws are an infringement on a persons right to move at a speed they feel is safe for them.

Find out if you are in a state that recognizes the 85th percentile as the safest speed possible on the road. If you live in such a state, subpoena the traffic survey for the road you are on. Often, the safe speed is not the posted speed, it is actually the speed at which 85% of drivers travel at on that road. Even of you don't live in such a state, you might find a judge that agrees with you if they actually have an interest in safety versus an interest in generating revenue.