Comment: Thailand is ok.

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Thailand is ok.

But as in many asian countries you are not allowed to own land.
You can rent it tough, so in practicallity not really a problem.
It has lots of food, more than can be exported and consumed actually causing cheap prices for stock food.
Fruit in abundance.
Taxes low, climate is ok.
Corruption is there but on a mickey mouse scale compared to the west.
Gold IS money here. Sure they use there own pieces of paper but selling buying an ounce of gold has a very low spread of about 7US$.
Unfortunately they are following the west and just got a loan from the IMF, while previously they had surplusses for many years.
However it will take several decades to get into debt like the western countries did, by then time to move. :)
I found out that riding a wave is better then getting the wave over you again and again. Serves no purpose but making you slowly obedient and suppressed. The freedom to travel is your best 'right'.
I am from Europe, system is the same as now in the US. The US does not really have states anymore so that you could choose which one was best for you. The European system gave us rights (Work and live anywhere in Europe) but then took many away by introducing many laws and taxes. Moving within the Fedral system has no use anymore. If you want the same options you need to investigate other countries out of the system you are in.
My kids are young, and i don't want them to be in a collapsing western country. Fighting for your country can be done on many levels. Starving it from your money is one way, that is the one i choose. At the same time you strengthen your family and be much more resilient to the changes that are coming.